June 08, 2005

Reason to Hate Texas # 631

The Governor of Texas has told returning gay and lesbian veterans of the Iraq War to go to another state if they don't like his rabid Anti-Gay Policies. [ Towleroad ]
Just to clarify: Good enough to risk life and limb for unjust war, but no longer welcome at home.
Oh yeah, and a few days ago he
signed an anti-abortion bill at a Christian School.
I'd launch into my usual "Hypocritical-hiding behind Jesus-Hatemongering-Fuck You-Church and State" Rant here, but really, you ought to know it by heart by now.

So I'll just take this time to point out that Drudge made a HUGE-Spinning Blue Light Special Deal out of the fact that Howard Dean called the GOP a "White Christian Party".
Um, Duh.

Did I Miss a meeting? Have they been the Alternative Faith- Jewish Minority Coalition this entire time and I missed it?
Hence the reason my friend Leslie and I wandered around Madison Square Garden for an hour during the Republican Convention approaching delegates and saying "Hi, I'm gay and she's a Jew. Ever seen either outside of Will and Grace? If you wait we can run and get a black person and a Puerto Rican for a photo op. The bridge club will never believe it. And just think how brave you'll look being photographed within arm's length of us! You can superimpose it over that photo you took of Ground Zero! Add an American flag graphic, and Poof! Instant Christmas Card!"


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