May 27, 2005

But Let's Still Be Friends

I had dinner with Ex Boyfriend last night, who is in town for a conference he is speaking at. Yeah, yeah, I know he was a total assface when I saw him last, but a part of that was me reacting to not having seen him in 4 months, and the whole shock of the first real physical meeting since we split in February.
The really weird part: having dinner, then just going our separate ways on the corner. Him being in New York and not sleeping in my bed. I don't miss him or want him back, it's just....weird.
Doesn't he know he isn't supposed to exist in New York unless he's with me? Where the hell does he think he's going to stay? My friends won't see him, so who is he hanging out with?
I know it's total projection, but I was (or at least I like to think I was) his entire identity in New York. I've broken up with people before, but they lived here, and when we parted ways I knew the apartment they were going to, the friends they would tell about our breakup, where they'd be heading that night after they left me.
I went home. Ex Boyfriend and his friend ironically went to Therapy for 6$ Ketel. Thank God Bartender is out of town, or the presence of them both in the same room may have caused some kind of rip in the fabric of existence that surely would have swallowed the universe. Or something like that.


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