May 23, 2005

Insert Star Jones Impression Here

I was sworn in to the Bar today. And it was quite possibly the most anticlimactic thing I have ever experienced.
Taking The LSAT was a bitch. And it was 4 years ago.
First year finals in law school were tough. Surviving in New York with no money while attempting to establish an identity and a life and make friends was damned near impossible.
Passing the Bar took every ounce of discipline and what few functioning brain cells I had left.
But that is all far behind me now. I've sunk into routine and a job that actually does not remotely require Bar admission.
And yet everyone is so proud. And I guess this is the culmination of all that stuff.
So, as soon as I can figure out how to post my Amazon Wishlist in my sidebar, feel free to send me a little something to congratulate me.


Blogger A* said...

I don't care I am still proud of you! XOXOXOXXO
And your wishlist can go on your profile...I figured that one out quick. :)
Already have a good idea for a gift. Hee.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Becka said...

Conga Rats!

6:48 PM  

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