May 10, 2005

Check In

It's been almost a week since I've posted. Mostly because very little has happened in the world or to me that warrants comment.
A few choice selections:
* Woke up Friday morning to discover that when you fast for 10 days, even if you've been back on salad and fruit for 48 hours, there's a darn good chance that 4 drinks on Thursday night will result in your still being drunk at work on Friday morning. I'd like to take this moment to thank S. at work for locking the door and fending off superiors while I slept under my desk.

* The security guards at Spirit are assfaces.

* My computer is a piece of shit that cost me $2000 3 years ago. I still owe $1600 on it, and I need a new one.

* My computer will not recognize my ipod anymore. Or maybe my Ipod is broken. Not Really sure. Want a new Ipod.

* Leaving for L.A. on Thursday. The only person available to pick me up for the 45 minute ride form the airport into the city is Ex Boyfriend. And he agreed to do it. Insert your own comment, RE: Awkwardness here.

* I finally decided to learn Spanish, and have spent obscene amounts of money on a book and CD set, which is partially useless to me because I can't download the tracks to my Ipod.

* I have 2 weddings this summer and no date to either.

* I have been avoiding people in general for the last 2 weeks.


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