May 04, 2005

MTV Is Stupid

Like any good homo, I'm drawn to awards shows. I can't help it. The funny part is, I don't really know why I'm drawn to them. To me the whole thing is this kind of meta-entertainment. It's people rewarding the stuff that has kept me entertained for the last year, and it's done in a somewhat entertaining fashion (ok, a drinking game may be required for some awards shows, but I digress).
The MTV Movie Awards held much more interest for me when I was a kid. The offbeat categories were at least something different. I dug best kiss, best onscreen duo and best dance sequence.
But come the fuck on.

Best Frightened Performance? What the fuck is that?!


Blogger hofzinser said...

"like any good homo"

Yea, we need a future post dedicated to that statement.

Dan, how else are you like any good homo?

Yer too friggin funny....

6:13 PM  

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