June 06, 2005

Dude, You're Getting An Angry Letter

I finally got my computer back from the evil gnomes who work at Dell, but not before I spent no less than 7 hours total on the phone with "Customer Service" to some 3rd World Country where the apparent translation of the word's "Dell Customer Care" is "Kick to the Kidneys with Steel Toed Boots".
It wasn't until I intimated to poor "Becky Sue" on the other end of the line that if she didn't let me speak with her supervisor I was going to buy a plane ticket to Dubai, tear out her voicebox and wear it as an earring, that I finally got somewhere.
So my computer was returned to me after 3 weeks. Despite my having corrected the shipping information no less than 3 times, Dell still insisted on sending it repeatedly to an apartment where I lived in 2001.
The best part? It still doesn't work. I fucking quit.
I'm going to blog from my roof now using smoke signals. Stand on high ground at sunset facing East and watch for the next edition of "Popewatch".


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