June 01, 2005

Late Recap: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

It was a full weekend. Aside from getting incredibly stoned and ordering The Spongebob Squarepants Movie on demand on Saturday, I found time for all sorts of other extracurricular activities:

1) Drinks, dinner, ice cream and snark with
A* and Hof on Sunday evening. A* was, as always, pure pleasure, and Hof is a comedic genius who has an amazing talent for deconstructing gay bars (note the sketch of Dan in the margin. Hof is talented. Word.).
2) What I imagine will be the last conversation with (and thus making this the last ever post about - Huzzah!) Ex Boyfriend, in which he told me that he ran into
Gangrenous Leg (ok, backstory: The Gangrenous Leg was a friend that was a complete nag and would throw major guilt at me if I didn't spend every day and night hanging out with him. He also had a huge crush on Bartender. I cut GL off in mid february due to his excessive insanity and guilt. Since then he has been bothering every one of my friends, anyone who knows me even tangentially, and anyone I've been within a 5 foot radius of, trashing me and claiming to anyone that will listen that I dated Bartender for "revenge". Got the drama? Good.):
Ex Boyfriend: I can't believe you dated Bartender to get revenge on Gangrenous Leg.
Dan: I'm sorry, I had a little crazy in my ear. Do you actually believe that's the type of person I am? To date someone for 'revenge'? There wasn't even anything to get revenge for. Gangrenous Leg is insane. I like Bartender. And you of all people know why I don't talk to Gangrenous Leg anymore.

Ex Boyfriend: Well, you're a rude person. It seems like the type of thing you would do.
Those of you who know me will be pleasantly surprised that I did not, in fact, slap him like Tina Turner when Ike came home to a cold dinner, but rather sat there, silently judged him, and dismissed him. There endeth the Saga of Dan and Ex Boyfriend. Let us never speak of him again.
3) Brunch and long wander with Leslie. Love her.
4) There was other stuff, but I haven't had a computer since last Wednesday, and it's all been sacrificed to brain cells hunted for sport over the long weekend. Take this time to picture me doing whatever it is you imagine I do in my spare time: Feeding orphans, rescuing puppies, insulting strangers, running marathons, tabletop clog dancing... whatever.


Blogger Becka said...

You shoulda slapped him, IMO

6:48 PM  
Blogger hofzinser said...

*tearing with Danno gold statue in hand*
"you like me, you really really like me"

As for the dead wieght of ex friends and boys... cleanse thy self of their presence in your mind and life.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Serra said...

Nah, slapping him would have just proved his point. No sense in making the asshat right, is there?

And Hof, I really really like that sketch you did of Dan! Wow!

3:25 PM  
Blogger A* said...

Oh Dan. You have no idea how happy Hof is that you like him. I think I am almost jealous. Hee.
You & I have discussed the "cutting-that-bitch" plan. All you have to do is call and the Ex's knees will be in pieces.

Serra- Hof in disgustingly talented. Really. It's gross.

3:38 PM  

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