February 25, 2005

Semi Nude Dan!

As promised, shots of the tattoos. If you look at all these pictures and use your imagination, you can almost picture me naked! Wooo! (My apologies to those of you who will never be able to wash that image from your brain. And Again to that Mexican Village. Sorry. Really, Really Sorry. )

The First One (Two/Four): Done 1997 and 1998. Translation clockwise from left: Strength, Friendship, Loyalty, Eternity. Yeah, so I got it in Highschool/first year of college. First foray into the tattoo world. My thighs are HUGE.

The Second: Done upon college graduation/moving to New York. Design is an Aborigine bat that was on a necklace I bought in Australia. Apparently (or at least according to the little card that came with the necklace) "Bats fly at night. Night is when you dream. Follow your dreams. And Like the bat, trust not what you see, but your instincts." I believe every thing that necklaces tell me they are supposed to mean. I'm relatively certain it was designed by a stoned Aussie, but it sounds nice, doesn't it?

The third. Done on my 24th Birthday. Flat broke. No Job. Spent lunch money for a week to get a shark (I know it looks like a dolphin, because the guy screwed up the nose, but it's a shark. Also incentive for me to get a new one - so I can ask the artist to touch up the nose on this one), because (and you can look this up) Sharks never sleep, and if they stop moving they die.

Oddly, my parents LOVE the tattoos. Will never forget the day I got my first one. I fell asleep on their couch, and awoke to find my mother pushing the leg of my shorts up (not like that, perverts) to show my Aunt and Uncle. Because (sniff), she was so proud of her first tattooed child.


Blogger MooCow said...

Sweet Jesus that's the biggest thigh ever!

2:15 AM  
Blogger A* said...

Honey your thigh is HOT! I am sure it was on Paris' Sidekick!! I am totally thinking about getting another tattoo as well. Interesting....

3:23 PM  

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