February 25, 2005

Fun With Permanent Body Mutilation

I think it's high time I got another tattoo.
Those of you who have seen me naked (legions in the tri-state, my doctor, those of you lucky enough to have been in that bar in L.A. - you know who you are - that small village of Mexicans, and my sister's friend who stayed here a few months ago -sorry about that, thought no one was home) know that I currently have 3 tattoos. Or 4 . Or 6. It really depends on how you view the one on my leg, which was done in two stages of 2 characters each (Chinese characters, not Disney characters or something equally creepy) a year apart. It is one piece, or it could be 2, as it was done in two stages, but it's 4 individual characters. You get the idea.
Oh, and yes, I'm the kind of person who gets tattoos. Who knew? I also at one point had 3 earrings (in one ear. ugh.), a tongue ring for exactly 10 days, and a navel ring (Peter's Gay, Dad. Gay!). All gone now. But tattoos are different. I think the permanence helps. If you hate your piercing, you can just take it out. But with tattoos, you have to learn to love what you've done to your body, even if it's something hideous or juvenile (I'm looking at the Tigger on your leg, Mike Celento...).
The problem is that I know its time to get a new tattoo. All of mine mark specific times and events in my life (when I post photos of them, you'll get a brief synopsis. Or maybe not. If you really want to know, I'll tell. Or maybe not.), and I feel the need for one now. I just don't know what to get.
Any thoughts? The rules are:
  1. No color. Black Only.
  2. There should be some kind of symbolic meaning.
  3. Small.
  4. No cartoon characters or recognizable symbols. All of mine (you'll see later) are more symbolic than anything.

Come to think of it, I should probably decide on my own, as I'm the one whose body it's going on, and who knows what it is I'm feeling at present that requires tattooing. But maybe some suggestions will get the ball rolling.

Pictures of current tattoos to be posted later. I have drinking and possible drunk dial/rebound hooking up that I will regret in the morning and cry about all day to get to.


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