February 27, 2005

In Which I Mock Organized Religion to Cheer Myself Up

It's Oscar Sunday. I wish I could care more. The gay Superbowl, and I haven't even planned a party. And while last year's festival of homemade guacamole and David's making out with some guy on my couch would prove hard to top, I just don't have it in me.
What's wrong with me? Is it because the
only three movies worth my time this year have been relegated to few nominations? Is it because I have cut off contact with a lot of friends lately and could barely fill a room if I tried? (OK, that one is a stretch. I can always fill a room.) Is it simply general 3 weeks (Jesus has it been 3 weeks?) out of my relationship depression?
In other news (was the above considered news?) I went book shopping yesterday. I've decided that I don't read nearly enough (All together now: "Damn you Law and Order! Damn. You."). I picked up
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, The Alchemist, The Four Agreements and The Trouble Boy. That ought to keep me busy.
Finally, in an effort to cheer myself up, and because the Pope is funny, I'm going to now begin an ongoing series called "Popewatch!" here at the 6th Floor (Staff writers are working feverishly around the clock to bring you this feature). There ought to be theme music. Hum something to yourself every time I post this graphic.

I give you the following:

Drudge Report headline? "Pope Makes Surprise Appearance at Window." I didn't know he scheduled walks to the window. The Pope must have one hell of a press secretary. I remember when Beyonce made a surprise appearance at the Roxy. That was so exciting. I wonder if the Pope was met with screaming throngs of shirtless fans as well.

Not smiling yet? Imagine he's being propped up by 2 guys underneath the window sill. The guy at the left? Muttering out the side of his mouth "No you idiots! Arm goes up, down, left, right! Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet, Watch!"
I am going to hell. And not just for all the sodomy.


Blogger A* said...

A) You crack me up...as always.
B) You updated and put me into your blog banner! Without a reminder or a threat... sniff, sniff. "I would like to thank the academy for this award...Dan you are my night in shining blogger"
C)Honey, you know you can always call me as the general relationship depression still looms over my head as well. By the by, I missed you this weekend!

1:06 PM  

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