January 16, 2005

Tonight's Excuse for Raging Alcoholism: The Golden Globes

It's Awards Season! And You know what that means: Drinking Games!

Golden Globes Edition
- Drink every time you accidentally see someone's nipple (Thanks to Lisa Ling for getting the evening off the great start)
- Drink every time somone on the red carpet gives Lisa Ling the brush off (after staring at her nipples)
- Drink some weight gainer every time Renee Zellweger is on screen
- Drink every time someone mentions that Eva Longoria wasn't nominated
- Drink every time the Pitt-Aniston split is brought up
- Drink every time Star Jones corrects someone that its "Jones-Reynolds"
- Do a double shot every time someone says "Tsunami"
- Drink every time Joan Rivers attempts to muscle her way onto camera and reclaim her old job
- Drink every time someone makes a Golden Globes-Breasts double entendre
- Drink every time Jack Nicholson is on camera (oops. That's from the Oscars Edition)
- Drink every time Robin Williams makes a joke that doesn't go over, but people laugh anyways
- Drink some Pinot Noir evey time Sideways wins something
- Drink every time Star Jones (Jones-Reynolds, Dammit!) devours an unsuspecting celebrity
- Drink every time someone who has no business being there shows up as a presenter (I'm looking at you, Affleck)
- Drink every time Hillary Swank is mistaken for a guy
- Every time Paris Hilton is mentioned, give the person next to you a venerial disease
- Do a triple shot every time some calls Jamie Foxx a "Triple Threat"
- Drain the bottle if something or someone deserving actually wins


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