January 14, 2005

Comment Group Hug

OK. First of all, I let you down. Again. Don't say I didn't warn you. I promised posts all day, and for the three of you glued to your computers (Hi Leah! Hi Xoph! Hi anonymous person whose I.P. address is 206.67.129.#!) I have done precisely Jack Shit since.
So here you go.
My going away lunch was better than I could have imagined. They actually bought 3 foot long subs from subway, cut them into pieces and called it a day. Literally called it a day. Lunch began at 1, and they had rented the conference room out at 1:30. It's a good thing no one broke out into a chorus of "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" or I would have been weeping like Halle Berry at the Oscars: "This moment. Is...So..Much..Bigger...(knock knock knock)...Oh Fuck It. Peace Out, Bitches."

I'm so touched that I'm barely suppressing the urge to go in and revoke my resignation. Either that or download a computer virus to the server. They're so hard to distinguish.
I have been taking notice that some of you are reading. And I most definitely appreciate the comments. Please Please Please don't be offended that I don't respond. I love each and every one of you like Paris Hilton loves Cipro and her Dealer. I read your comments and in my head I say "Wow. That was nice of them. I'm glad I made them smile." Then I think: "I wonder what's on TV." or "Strawberry is definitely my favorite flavor yogurt." I used to smoke a lot of pot people.

The problem is I'm lazy. But perhaps I will start writing back. Perhaps not. This is what Boyfriend deals with every day. Compete for my affection! I'm indifferent! No, I'm Not! I love your attention, but just try and get me to give some back!
(For the full experience, read that while staring at my picture. Then take yourself out to dinner and make sweet, sweet love afterwards)
So keep writing to me. I promise to make an effort to write back. Unless Law & Order is on or something.


Blogger A* said...

Oh my dearest gay man,
I eagerly await the endless postings that will make me laugh until I snort and piss myself. You deserve the best strutting music as you leave SFW's spirirt-sucking cage they euphemistically (sp?) call an office. Indifference? No honey! Residual THC overdose. We all have it b/c face it- pot is fun.
See you soon!!

5:49 PM  

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