January 11, 2005

The Real Question: Why No Love For John Voight?

In an amazing showing of generosity, Celebrities are auctioning off their Critic's Choice Awards Swag Bags on Ebay to aid Tsunami victims.
My desire to drown myself every time I hear the word "Tsunami" notwithstanding (and don't get me wrong, I'm not making light of the disaster, but the constant news barrage of the same tragic images we've already seen 10 times in any particular day is like, so October 2001), the whole thing seems a tad disingenuous.
We're talking people with multi-million dollar homes, and we're supposed to stand in awe because they gave away a bag of free shit? Am I supposed to applaud David Spade for giving up Indy 500 tickets, a stuffed Spongebob and a box of TrimSpa? While I would normally applaud anyone for giving up Indy 500 tickets, this is David Spade. My instinct is to slap, not applaud him. It's kind of like applause, but with one hand.

Update: As of my original posting, the high bid on John Voight's bag was a sad, sad $610 (hence the post heading). Apparently I have some kind of persuasive effect on the bidding public, as David Spade is now bringing up the rear by a wide margin. That, David, is your punishment for appearing in those grating Capital One "E-i-e-i-no" commercials.


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