January 09, 2005

I Let You Down. It Won't Be The Last Time.

Get used to disappointment, kids. My friends and family did years ago.
I will not be giving the blog a new look any time soon. I tried to put a photo into my banner, but the resolution on the picture was shitty, and somehow I managed to fuck up the code and move my sidebar to the bottom of the page.
Apparently I am stuck with the boring layout until I can coerce a friend into doing it for me. Until that happy day (which isn't looking to be too soon, as I am not friends with many people who understand computers beyond downloading music, friendster and hooking up with complete strangers), you'll have to stare at boring blog.

Boring in terms of visual experience only, Darlings. My postings will remain, as always, the literary equivalent of a road trip to Mardi Gras in a convertible with Lindsay Lohan, a Set of Bi-Curious, yet incredibly hot and impressionable twins, and a lunchbox filled with grain alcohol and ecstasy.
In the meantime, I'll try to post photos and graphics more often to keep you optically stimulated and prevent you from ditching me for some other snarky fag.


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