January 03, 2005

Breaking Up, Moving Up, Settling Down

After yesterday's brunch buffet (because a single plate of food is not nearly enough), Sarah had the brilliant idea of having our palms read by one of those great Manhattan storefront psychics, the type who keeps a crystal ball in the front room and 2 futons in the back room where her entire family lives. It seemed like a great idea. Until said psychic told both Boyfriend and I separately that we are in bad relationships and that we should get out as soon as possible.
To add to her Harbinger of Heartbreak motif, she told me that if I don't get out of this relationship, I'm going to miss out on the One, who is headed my way in the very near future.
Her credibility began to slip a tad when she told me that I would be moving in with my new man within a few months, and I had to ask her to repeat herself because I was distracted by the sound of a man in the back room snoring, then awaking to hack up some phlegm and take a shower. Come on now. I have 1,100 square feet on the west side. Although moving away from my sister's cat and lizard wouldn't be so bad.
Coincidentally, tomorrow Boyfriend heads back to the warm, silicone-filled busom of his Los Angeles home, and I am giving notice to Soulless Fuckwad. Autumn, my spiritual advisor for all things yesterday (and apparently 2005) informed me that I would be changing careers, and that I would be starting a new, much more fullfilling and lucrative job.
Mia emailed me today about William Morris. Paolo will be back to talk about PWC. I met a pimp the other night at the Roxy. My options are myriad.


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