December 31, 2004

Another Year Over, A New One's Just Begun

New Year's Eve. Consistently my favorite holiday.
You see, dear friends and complete strangers, I've never had a "Good" year. I've had a few where I've managed to avoid death and bankruptcy. And so every December 31 I look back and I can't wait for the past year to be erased from memory and a new one to begin. I promise to change my habits. I look for signs that this year will be different (maybe the absence of Dick Clark this year will finally break the curse!). Anything to alter the course of my luck for the coming year.
Perhaps I have a negative outlook, but I prefer to blame it on fate and God using me as his personal plaything.
This year being no different, I am trying as hard as I can to pick out the good from 2004. I graduated. I passed the Bar. I got me a boyfriend. A few resolutions kept, a few not. All in all, not a bad success rate. Crack open the Moet!

The 8th Circle of Hell

So I'm changing my celeratory impetus this year. I'm going to be looking forward to a better year, reveling in what was good from the past year, and destroying brain cells as fast as possible to try and forget certain events of 2004.
But not in Time's Square. I'd rather put out lit cigarettes on my taint than set foot in Time's Square over the next 24 hours.
Happy New Year!


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