January 07, 2005

I'm Right On Top Of That, Rose

Karma can be a bitch. But sometimes you have to help Karma along by getting her all fired up and telling her that certain people were talking shit about her and hitting on her boyfriend.

Soulless Fuckwad made me spend all 9 hours I was in the office yesterday handling his personal affairs: his wife's student loans, his wife's credit report, letters to his son's school superintendant and to the board that handles problem students (Insane Son is now in a residential facility in Utah. What I wouldn't give for a rubber room and some lithium and to be 2 time zones away from Soulless Fuckwad), filling out personal medical information for his son on insurance forms for a ski trip he cancelled, and last, and certainly not least, a traffic ticket.
As it turns out, I'm a pretty good lawyer. I'm just a shitty personal assistant.
You see, he wanted me to reschedule the hearing on his latest ticket. His license has been suspended a few times recently. Who knows what another suspension could mean?
I'll be gone by the time hearing rolls around. And by rolls around, I mean occurs on the original date.

Wave Goodbye To Your Boss, Danny.


Blogger daven said...

ROFLMAO!! Great picture. Perfect for the topic. lol!

11:19 AM  
Blogger hey... im waz said...

Im right on top of that Rose'.. yes I do recall what a funny one liner that was.. "Oh Guss you shouldn't have"

11:32 PM  
Blogger MooCow said...

God, I had forgotten that movie until reading this. I need to start using this in everyday converation again.

12:14 AM  

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