January 09, 2005

Have We Met?

Last night at XL, after about 5 madras, I ran into someone I slept with a little over a year ago. We have mutual friends, and I've seen him a few times since then, though not in the last couple of months.
He didn't remember me when I said hello. My vodka fueled indignance did not make the situation any more comfortable, and I loudly announced his momentary lapse in memory to the entire upper level of the bar. Repeatedly.
John, ever supportive, interrupted my incredulous shouting of "I fucked you and you don't even remember my name?" to point out that I shouldn't be that upset, because my former flame had put on a few pounds over the holidays.
For some reason, he and his friend got up and moved away. Possibly because when his friend introduced himself I said "Hi. I'm Dan. But make sure you don't let me fuck you or you'll forget my name."


Blogger Chooch said...

Wow. Are we living parallel lives or something? The same thing happened to me at Therapy....awesome, hilarious blogging though... you're just as catty as me =)

1:08 PM  

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