January 23, 2005

Big Smile! So Nice To Meet You!

Boyfriend's ex, the one who has threatened me (Drama! Drama!), the one who hangs around Boyfriend all the time, the one who was physically abusive to Boyfriend when they were together, the one that all of Boyfriend's friends hate and all refer to as "Crazy" or "That psycho" called Boyfriend this morning at 10:45 and insisted that he join Boyfriend and I for brunch.
Those of you who know me, take a moment to consider how well I handle people like that.
Now place your bets as to how long he lasts before I stab him in the hand with a fork and rub Tobasco in his eyes.


Blogger A* said...

Transpo to LA: $250
Gas to restaurant: $25
Brunch: $45
Taking out your BF's ex's eyeballs with sharp instruments and tabasco sauce: Priceless

So brunch was about 5 minutes before you filled his eye sockets with searing sodium salsa??

6:08 PM  

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