January 18, 2006

They Make A Pill For That

Scientists are working on a literal Eternal Sunshine Pill that blocks the formation of painful memories.
OOOOH... ethical dilemma!
While I think it might be a good idea to provide to, say, hurricane victims, rape victims, and any thinking person alive after the 2000 Presidential Election, I still have to wonder whether painful memories are a part of the human experience in general. I mean, our bodies react the way they do due to thousands of years of evolution. The reaction to a painful memory is there for a reason, isn't it? And who would we be without the memories of everything that has happened to us? Don't therapists focus on uncovering repressed memories? Aren't we just the sum of our experiences and memories? And when the Eff did I get all philosophical?

All of that being said, if the FDA approves it, I'm keeping a candy dish full of them on my nightstand.


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