January 31, 2006

Get It While You Can

Uh Oh...
And so, tonight, while I still can, I'm going to have as much gay sex as possible.
And to all the ladies out there: If ya'll believe in it (and if you don't that's fine too. No judgement here. Wait. I can say that with a straight face. Let me try again: No...Judgment (*snicker*)... oh fuck it.), go out and have an abortion. Again, while you still can.
Oh, and everyone else who values little things like civil liberties and being free from tyrannical executive power wielded by an autistic frat boy who's in way over his head because said power might have been checked by a system of government which was set up to control said jackhole by creating a judicial body which was meant to review and, on occasion, override the decisions of said jackhole instead of just rolling over like a beleagured wife who has simply had enough of her husband's wheedling to "just loosen up and try something new": Good Night, and Good Luck.

And if ever you doubted that there are now officially 2 Americas consider:
Alito is confirmed on the very day that a movie about gay men and the damage that can be done to their lives and the lives around them by homophobia stands along side a film about racial disharmony, a film about an openly gay writer, a film about the tragedy and consequences of war, and a film, most ironically, about what happens to our nation when government is allowed to spin out of control and rule by fear, paranoia, and intimidation as a contender for the best picture of the year.
Which side are you on?


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Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

I'm with you on the ALito hatred, but leave autistic kids out of it. W is a fucktard by choice.

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