November 23, 2005


Then vatican has released a new document stating that men may not enter the priesthood unless they have been "free of homosexual 'tendencies' for at least 3 years."
And here we go again. First of all, I personally can't imagine what would drive a gay man to want to be a part of an institution that so fervently campaigns against us. But then again, I'm not really in touch with what it feels like to believe in something. I believed in something once, but then I found out that the Muppets didn't really live in a theater somewhere, and that Miss Piggy was nothing more than a sock puppet with a decent wig. And it changed me.
But why 3 years? Is that the expiration date for buggery? What do you get after 5 years? A bigger hat?
This isn't the first time the Chruch has employed a system like this though; If you detach yourself from memories and litigiousness for several years, they let you keep your status as altar boy. If you detach yourself from reality for a minimum of 20 years, they make you Pope.


Blogger Stick said...

Yet another reason I can't get into organized religion. Still can't figure out why the Mormon church is so rich. What with Pepsi having so much stake and all.

I once lost touch with reality for 5 years. Next thing I know I was walking up on stage and being handed a college diploma.

Can't get that in the Vatican.

Or Salt Lake City.

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