September 04, 2005

Impending Sense of Doom

Chief Justice Rhenquist died last night.

Now the thing is, I've never really cared for the man or his opinions. And we all knew that, frighteningly enough, W was eventually going to put 2 justices on the Court. But I have to say that in his last months, Rhenquist proved, to me at least, to have a little more character than I gave him credit for. Refusing to resign in the face of illness, making some middle of the road statements and crossing party lines (not big ones, but crossing nonetheless).
The scariest part is not the chance of some goosestepper being nominated, but those 3 little words every homosexual, minority and woman fears above all else:

Chief Justice Scalia.
Because you know its the only possible next step. Any of the other candidates have either A) A little too much skin color (Thomas), B) A little too much liberal (Souter, Stephens, Kennedy, Breyer) or C) A little too much penis (Bader-Ginsburg)


Blogger d2ana said...

Oy. Amen, bro.

7:21 PM  
Blogger allison said...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

1:27 PM  

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