August 19, 2005

Music To Drink Bleach To

Somewhere between our first and second margaritas, A*, Allison and I started playing a little game that was borne of the movie High Fidelity: We tried to list our top 5 heartbreak songs of all time.
And we're not talking just breakup. We're talking the 5 songs on repeat during those days when you've holed up in your bedroom with a carton of cigarettes, your teddy bear (Yeah, I still have mine. What of it?), your cell phone and charger (because he could call at any minute) and a t-shirt of his that still kind of smells like his cologne.
You know, the dignified period when you've just been dropped like a hot rock and most of your words are hitched through sobs, and you wear the same pajamas for at least 3 days.
The game took on a life of its own the more we drank, and 3 days later we were still trading songs for the list via IM and email.
The list is far too long to post here, because it would take up the whole page. But the songs that came from my iPod are
Mind you special awards have been awarded to certain artists and albums; those that truly make you want hang yourself in the shower with your belt:

Annie Lennox (Particularly the Bare Album and the song Why?)
Matchbox 20's
Mad Season
Fiona Apple
Aimee Mann
Sarah McLachlan
Ani DiFranco
Bonnie Rait's I Can't Make You Love Me

So go ahead, Kids. Click the link, turn on your iPod and weep. Openly.
I'm certain I've forgotten some, and I'm sure that the rest of you out there have a whole different list of tracks to play while you're turning on the gas and easing your head in past the roasting pan. But I highly recommend some of these songs (OK, all of them) next time your heart has been pulled from your chest and nailed to a lamppost.
Happy Listening!


Blogger Serra said...

Are you sure the Bonnie Raitt song isn't "I Can't Make You Love Me?"

1:06 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Serra, you're right - I was copying over 100 songs here... got a little confused.

1:08 PM  
Blogger codey682karissa said...

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7:33 PM  
Blogger Cyrus said...

And for the interlude between desolation and fury, the opening track from The Cure's "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" album...

"The Kiss" - The Cure

Kiss me kiss me kiss me
Your tongue is like poison
So swollen it fills up my mouth

Love me love me love me
You nail me to the floor
And push my guts all inside out

Get it out get it out get it out
Get your fucking voice
Out of my head

I never wanted this
I never wanted any of this
I wish you were dead
I wish you were dead

I never wanted any of this
I wish you were dead
Dead dead

12:42 AM  
Blogger VegasGustan said...

Texas Buscuit just asked for this too. There are a ton on her comments section.

There are just so many great songs. Jeff Buckley is one of the top!

1:39 AM  
Blogger allison said...

The idea actually came from a discussion over the Texas Biscuit songlist. YES we actually TALK about blogging in person. Even rockstars have 'ssues.

Yes, Ms. Raitt (dude...what is that about? Gettin' the song wrong and shit? sheesh!) and Jeff Buckley pretty much have the corner on the "Bottle of Jack Daniels and a Razor" Market, but I would also like to throw a shout-out to:

"Somebody" - Depeche Mode
"With or Without You" - U2
"I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" - Colin Hay

The finger is done now.

12:36 AM  
Blogger hofzinser said...

um... did not know you were and Ani fan.

How can you be single?

8:38 AM  
Blogger hofzinser said...

..nevermind. I just remembered why.

(love ya, mean it!)

8:38 AM  

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