August 18, 2005

Location, Location, Location

I spoke to a friend last night who, after a failed 2 year bid at living in Manhattan, moved out to San Francisco. He loves it.
His take on things is that everyone in New York is miserable, and that the only way they unburden themselves is to complain, and to do so about anything: their jobs, their sex lives, the hours they work, their apartment, their bills, their stress levels, their friends, their relationships, their families, the city, the noise, the heat, the cold, the smell, the lack of nightlife, the lack of space.... this is the point where I realize he's basically reading post titles from this blog.
People in San Francisco are, as he puts it "Genuinely Happy". He wants me to visit in the fall. He assures me that I'll love it.

I'll visit. I may love it (I have been a little New York weary lately).
But you know what?
My city can still
kick your city's ass.


Blogger deanne said...

I love San Francisco - as a teenager, I lived there for two and a half years - I'd love to go back and see what it's like now (as an adult).

2:19 PM  

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