April 12, 2005


See? I told you I couldn't stay away for long.
I will just say this (because my friends can't listen to it again, and I need to get it out somehow): If you think that you "really don't want to be dating someone right now", the best time to share this little revelation is NOT, I repeat NOT 24 hours after a weekend spent together and 2 phonecalls the following day and making plans for next weekend and asking to meet friends and talking about how much you like the way things are going.
Because that might send mixed signals or cause confusion or take someone completely by surprise.
Or something.

And P.S.: I am NOT giving up $6 Kettel Thursdays. Stand behind the bar and take it like a man. And don't expect a tip.

And while I realize that going to the bar on Thursday in my current state is the emotional equivalent of skipping through a mine field holding hands with a friend while wearing clown shoes, I figure at least there will be booze there. And perhaps guilt will cause him to pour heavier than usual.

(Why is karma telling me not to post this? Why do I feel like I'll regret it later? Like if, for whatever reason we start seeing each other again (stop rolling your eyes) or I become less bitter (even less likely)? But then, when have I ever listened to the little voice in my head? OK, that one time when it told me to burn things, but I was cleared of all charges.)


Blogger A* said...

Damn those voices!
And friends can always listen to it again...
Love you D.

4:33 PM  
Blogger hofzinser said...

Hmmm... getting tanked while the reason your are getting tanked is the mainline to tanked.

Chin-up, Danno and be careful tonight.

Decisions are easier to make on vodka... clear as Kettle. Easier being the key - not better, easier.

10:40 AM  

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