April 07, 2005

Welcome to Florida

Florida legislators passed a law today literally allowing people to shoot first and ask questions later.
Is there any surprise that there is a Bush attached to this law? I mean, this was basically our policy in the Middle East, wasn't it?
So let's all just try to get this straight for a second.
Person who has been vegetative for appx 15 and has no quality of life: Do anything to keep her alive.
Person of unknown intent who you "percieve as a threat": Shoot to kill.
Apparently it's an entire state full of Uncle Jimbos from South Park. "He's Coming Right For Us!!!"
Now the question is, how do we get certain politicians, who shall remain nameless because if I even think of suggesting something should happen to them I imagine the FBI will be at my house so fast my head will spin, to walk onto the wrong lawn or to appear as if they are a "threat". Hell, most of the Republican Party is a threat to me.
"But officer, they were coming right for me."


Blogger A* said...

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4:54 PM  
Blogger A* said...

Shame on both your houses... oh wait.
May I say that I am EMBARASSED to be from this state.

4:55 PM  

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