April 10, 2005


Some Saturdays are better than others. Like Saturdays where I get to lie in bed until 2 in the afternoon with Bartender (not quite ready to use any other term yet, and writing "Guy Who I am Dating" takes too long and I have yet to establish that I am, in fact now dating Bartender. But now you know.), get out of bed to go have a massage, go downtown to meet Bartender and Lines at a gallery opening, dinner with Bartender, then a night of laying on the couch at Lines' listening to music and just hanging out.
Those Saturdays rule.


Blogger NYCbeauty said...

Hey, I'm here at Bathroom Reading's suggestion. He said you guys just won a six pack for a writing contest! That is awesome.

I wish I could have a Saturday like yours. Alas, there is currently no one in that other half of the bed and I haven't had a massage in ages.

Maybe I'll have to change all of that soon....

8:02 PM  

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