April 11, 2005

I'm Boring Today

I'm getting antsy.
Every April since I moved to New York, I've gone on mini-break. Mostly due to school schedules, and partially due to the timing of breakups and breakdowns over the last 4 years, April has always been when I need to get away. And I have, without fail. Florida for long weekends my first few years. Last year I ended up in LA for 8 days, which was where I met Ex Boyfriend, the depressing one year anniversary of which is looming in a mere 13 days.
This year I have nothing. No plans. It's kind of freaking me out. I have no time to go anywhere, no one to travel with, and no travel plans.
I really need to get out of the city though, as I've reached my breaking point. If I don't leave New York soon, and get far enough away that I realize how much I love and miss it, those plans to move out West could crystallize into a reality at any moment.
Perhaps the solution is another mini-break to LA, to really see if that's what I want.


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