February 03, 2005

The Surreal Life

The whole thing is really weird. Excessively relating to one Joel Barrish. Break ups fuck with your mind. You play things over in your mind and get all confused and hold the amazing times in your head up against the things that pissed you off and the things that might have been your fault and the questions about why you were in it in the first place and where it was going and was it worth it and can you really go back into the dating pool until you just want to light a cigarette, mix up a SoCo-Bleach Cocktail, kick back, and just forget the whole thing.
On the upside, gentle readers, recall for those of you who knew me P.B. (Pre Boyfriend) just how much more fun Dating Dan can be! A stable relationship means no fun stories like "Weepy PeePee", my one night stand who broke out into tears while performing certain services for yours truly. Remember him? Leah? Mary? Or the Mexican waiter who kept yelling out "Ay, Papi!" during sex. These stories are much better brunch fare (and I imagine blogging material) than a boring bi-coastal relationship for 9 months.
The real question: how long will it take me to change my Friendster profile to read "Single"?


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