January 26, 2005

Loose Ends

Hey Dan:
How's your new job going? I'm slowly adjusting to things
here, and let me tell you you left some pretty big shoes to fill...
Anyway, I was wondering if you could just update me or fill me in on what you did for:

1. Soulless Fuckwad's son-- did you call or mail the school
for documentation? if so, do you know if the address or phone number of the school is somewhere in the office?
2. Soulless Fuckwad said that you placed a claim to cancel his ski trip before you left...Do you know where this info is so I can followup on the status?

Thanks....Poor Girl Who Replaced You

Dear Poor Girl:

I'm glad I'm no longer you.
Cheers! - Dan

P.S. - Would have gotten back to you sooner, but I was in L.A. having naked fun with Boyfriend for a week. What have you been up to?
P.P.S. - Perhaps you ought to be really paying attention to the scheduling of his
appearances in traffic court. Just a thought.
Smooches - D


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