February 02, 2005

Older, Wiser

Oddly, the Blogger random "Next Blog" button linked to my blog from something called "Right For A Reason", a sad little diatribe where some poor misguided 18 year old from Maine named Nate, whom I can only picture either enlisting or ending up on a clock tower thinning out the neighborhood in the near future, rants about such thought provoking topics as Flag Burning, God and America, Abortion, The Gays and their 'disgusting fetishes' or (Swear to God) stating that people disabled from birth or crippled by chance "end up as food" (war veterans who have lost limbs, however, should be taken care of), all the while peppering his metaphors and essays with characters who just happen to be soldiers. I also picture Nate with a Junior membership to the state Militia and not a few accusations of date rape either under his belt or looming in the near future.
The younger, angrier Dan would have linked to his frightening missives, and provided his email address for all to write him immediately. I'm feeling a lot more zenlike these days, so I'll let poor, confused, seemingly brainwashed Nate be.
The point, dear readers, is this: not only are these scary people out there (
Towleroad does a damn fine job of keeping tabs on those more vocal individuals that make it into the news), but some of them are only 18 or younger, like our friend Nate. And so I wax political. We need to do something other than bitch. We need to attempt to educate people on what the world is actually like, on what the rest of the country is like. Most of us live in Coastal bubbles, unexposed to these people, just as many of them live in insular towns and cities, having no exposure to anything but the Bible, their parents' stereotypes, and long fostered hatred and ignorance. We can't continue to just ignore that this is happening in our own country.

"I believe in natural selection. Survival of the fittest. Look at the animal world, if you fall behind you are someones food. Now being we are civilized humans we owe some people a living if they are disabled not by their own fault but only if it was an idiots fault. nlucky is unlucky if you skid off the road in a snow storm not anyone's fault you become food."

"New Gay Cable Network...God Deliver us from this evil.... what next a network for violant (sic) criminals?

"Our problem lies not with sensible people but totally irrational bra/book burning hippie women with no good points or arguments. Except the fact that it is the woman’s choice no one else’s, I agree, but only as far as I agree that it is the murderers choice to commit his crimes and no one else’s...The baby should be born and the mother killed instead, this so that the baby may grow up to be a useful member of society."

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I'll be funny again later today. Promise.


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