January 30, 2005

I'm A Bad Blogger

It's been 48 hours since my last update. Mostly because my parents don't have a cable modem, and I am on the 5$/3 hour per month AOL plan for when I travel, and I'm not about to go over and give AOL one cent of my not so hard earned money.
I'm home for a few more days, and its unlikely that I'll be writing that much. But who knows. I might just love you all enough to fill your empty lives with stories of what's going on in mine.
Oh fuck it. I'll save you the trouble. While I'm home and unable to update, play the "Dan's in Rochester Mad-Lib" once a day:

Jesus, my (mother/father/grandmother) is pissing me off. I'm (bored/horny/suicidal). I watched (Law & Order/Golden Girls/I Love the 90's) today for the umpteenth time, mostly because (it's fucking cold/I don't have the car/I'm lazy) and can't leave my parent's house. But it's most likely better that I don't, because when I do, I run into people, like last night, when I ran into (asshole from high school/asshole from college/friend I've been dodging) and shit was all awkward and I had to fake a phone call from Boyfriend to get away, and had to lie about what I'm doing with my life to save face and live up to (Saludatorian status/identity as "guy who lives in New York/promise to self I would be better than these people). To make matters worse, I immediately ran into (Jeff/Bob/other ex who isn't from Rochester but was in town only because the universe is conspiring to make me miserable), and unfortunately he is neither fat nor bald (Do not include this sentence if the above choice is Bob).
Thank God I'll be back in New York in (3/2/1) day(s), where at least I can be destitute and bored in a place where (bars close late/I can get a good veggie burger/people don't actually own those fucking red white and blue ribbon magnets and stick them on their cars) and have the good sense not to wear (IOU Sweatshirts/Carhart Jackets/Overalls), and there is more than 1 gay bar.


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