February 11, 2005

Stay of Execution

I suddenly have a job. It's funny how things happen.
Poof! I'm single.
Poof! I'm employed with a 250% raise.

Sure, it's a limited engagement. But think of me like Brooke Shields on Broadway: relatively underqualified, but at least it will be fun to watch in an attractive train wreck sort of way. "For the next three months, the role of an actual attorney with a real salary whose job description includes neither dodging insults, thrown objects, or fixing traffic tickets, will be played by Dan."

For my friends whom I've been harassing for months to get me into their firms/call their contacts both here and in L.A.: Fear not. I'll be bothering you again in April.
Until then, dinner's on me, bitches!

P.S.: There's an outside chance this job will require me to go to Japan for part of my three months. Start writing your "Santori Time" jokes now.


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