February 10, 2005

Mother. Fucker.

Apparently it's possible to drunk dial without even dialing a number.
How? Well kids, it's easy.
Yoi see, all you need to do is go out with one of your best friends and get wastedd, and then come home to watch a dvd, at 10 pm, and your ex will just call you when you're tanked out of your mind and you will say all the things you wouldn say wif you drunk dialed without hainvg to dial.
Emotional embarrasment and badness without teh tiresomen use of your fingers/brain'/.voice dial! It's just that easy!
All that effort asnd time saved! I'm like Ron Popeil for depressed people! (did that metaphor makessense? I'm trying for an infomercial thing but I think I'm too drunk and angry. soprry kids. I don't htink I fleshed it out enough. don't tell anyone who might want to offer me a publishing deal)..


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