November 26, 2005

Virtual Tour: Before

Remember way back in August when I started talking about renovating my place and promised to post pictures?
Well, Sister has since moved out, and after several paychecks, months spent driving my poor friends and officemates (Sorry Lynn!) insane with color samples, maps, catalogues and style questions, orders to, an incredibly kind gift of a discount on the part of
Allison's sister, a paint job and all sorts of other lunacy, it's pretty much done. Mind you my chairs are on back order until January, and I still haven't finished hanging art (Chris is having an incredible piece framed to put on loan to me... Thanks buddy! Love ya!). But it's time for the big picture posting (Read: I'm out of interesting things to say, so I figured pictures would take the place of actual substance).
So here are the before pictures. The After pics will be posted later this week. Enjoy, Bitches!
The Living Room. the biggest one of contention with Sister. Note the Refugee Chic... couches from my parents' house circa 1996. The unused turntables. The 3 picture frames crammed onto one wall.
I could never relax in this room. Ever.
The amount of crap Sister
managed to squeeze into this room is unfathomable. Among that crap, the 3 foot lizard in his 45 square foot tank. This is not a pet. It doesn't play with you. It can't be walked. It's illegal in New York to own one.
I hated that goddamend thing. Hated it like poison.

The bathroom. Sigh. Note the flourescent painting of an underwater scene on the wall. This replaced a sharks jaw that Sister once hammered into the wall to accent the ceramic fish shaped tiles that once hung over the mess of a cabinet that stood above my toilet. The nautical theme was, as she put it, because "That's where the water is. In the bathroom."

The view of the hall between my room and the bathroom. That thing on the right? No, not the supersoaker that inexplicably sat in the hall for 2 years. The necklace holder that is, in this photo, holding ALL of Sister's jewelry. I came home one day and she had physically BOLTED that fucker into the studs behind the wall.
The rest of these photos are just to get a real taste of the conditions under which I lived for 2 years. If you have any burning questions about what you see here, feel free to ask. I'll be happy to explain every little worthless knocknack that crowded my existence for 2 years. And keep in mind, about 2% of anything in these photos belonged to me.


Blogger allison said...

Yes, hello. My name is allison and i have been coming here for a few months now. Avid reader, self-proclaimed fan. Hi.

Where are the "After"s???

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