October 13, 2005

In Which I Take Out My Grief On J. David Enright: Socialite, Homosexual and Complete Fucking Jackass

9 days is a long time not to write.
They've been a full 9 days: 24 hours at home to mourn the death of Audrey's father and to reunite with 3 of my closest and oldest friends (nothing brings the family together like a funeral...I kept expecting the soundtrack to The Big Chill to start playing in the overhead speakers at the funeral home), some light shopping and heavy realizations with Leslie last weekend, furniture delivery (so close to having a grown up apartment), the death of my uncle/godfather (we weren't close, so please don't worry - Dan is A-OK).
Busy busy busy.
And yet I feel like nothing worth writing about has happened. Or maybe nothing appropriate for blogging in great detail.
On the other hand, I think that
this guy definitely wins the Asshat of the Week award. The ramifications of this are pretty interesting.
If he wins, the whole "homosexuality is genetic" theory will be knocked back a few steps, despite overwhelming scientific evidence (*looks in direction of Bill Frist, raises one eyebrow, then makes obscene gesture and throws a rock*) , and the Right will have a new place to hang their NASCAR hat (pointy white hood?) when it comes to the gay marriage argument, the rehabilitation camp argument, and generally every ridiculous hateful theory they hold so dear.

Not to mention, dude, come on, even if the Church 'made' you gay, get fucking real. What are you suing for? It got you a job as an ad man, some snappy taste in clothing, and I'm sure a rapier wit. Not to mention he seems to have great skin in his photo. I'm just sayin' is all....
This fuckstick is all pissed off because if it hadn't been for the Church "I believe that my life would be very different now. I’d probably be married, living in Greenwich with four children in boarding school.”
What's that sound? Is it every gay rights activist across the country grinding their teeth? No... The sound of homophobes smiling at being given a boost in their unfounded arguments? No....
It's the self-loathing phone! And it's for you, J. David!
Come the fuck on. You got molested. I can't imagine the horror that it brought upon your young fragile psyche. But your accounts of being a closet case in the 70s have nothing to do with that. They only illuminate one thing: You were a fucking closet case. End. Of. Story. There are hundreds (probably thousands) of clergy molestation victims out there who are not gay.
So thanks, J. David! You're going to cost the Church a couple of million. But you're costing every self respecting (Self respect J. David? No? Not familiar?) gay man and lesbian more than you could imagine.


Blogger allison said...

The Church helped to make me cynical. Whew! Looks like I dodged the gay bullet on that one.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Cyrus said...

Do you think I could sue the producers of CHiPs ? 'Cause that's what did it for me. (It was 1978, what do you want?)

3:22 PM  

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