April 14, 2005

You Complete Me

Do yourself a favor and go out and pick up Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, if only for the first essay "This is Emo".
Chuck Klosterman is a decent, if not self-aggrandizing writer (Woohooo! Big words!), but that piece is pretty effing amazing. It's all about how modern film, particularly the John Cusack Oeuvre and When Harry Met Sally, has rendered young Americans incapable of being satisfied in relationships by presenting paradigms (More big words! I have a law degree!) that simply do not exist outside celluloid (ok now I'm just being pretentious).
Best part: Where he admits to having enough stored up banter to get him through 3.5 dates, and after that it's all up to fate, and then discusses at length why "We just don't talk anymore" is a bullshit excuse to end a relationship. Breakfast, he maintains, is not a time for witty repartee. You just fucking woke up. What could you possibly have to say?
Maybe now you see why I prefer love stories with unhappy or ambiguous endings, or where a breakup is conceded as an inevitability.


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