April 20, 2005


My new position is hard. And by hard I mean I have done all of 10 minutes worth of work today, and spent the rest of the day looking for a puppy online.
Note to self: If become chihuahua owner, must be sure not to become asshat with weird web page covered in baby carriages and hearts and flowers like every other breeder/owner online. Must also resist somewhat underwhelming urge to dress puppy in stupid outfits, photograph it in teacup or in retarded Anne Geddes-style poses tantamount to animal abuse.
The point is that I have to be here for at least 7 hours, and I have to justify my existence in the office at that time by billing for my valuable time.
It's hard to explain to my boss and the huge insurance conglomerate we represent that "Seeking 4 legged surrogate boyfriend" is not only viable, but important work.


Blogger MilesDavis said...

It seems to me that in the "Dog Eat Dog" world of legal representation, seeking some solace and respite from your legal duties in search of a "4 legged friend" is not a bad thing...Just don't "Eat Him" when you get him!!!

8:25 PM  

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