February 15, 2005

Lots to Say, Part I: Wearing My Heart on My Front Pocket

It's been a long couple of days, and I haven't had the chance to blog everything I wanted. In the interest of keeping your attention, I will break things up a bit so you can pick and choose which of my ramblings you want to read.

Part I
I had to go to the new office yesterday afternoon to fill out some paperwork. The attorney who was supposed to arrange for me to get a visitor pass forgot to do so. The ensuing exchange with security will live on as one of the dorkiest moments in Dan history ever.

Security Guard: Do you work here?

Dan: No, I'm a new hire.

Security Guard: Do you have your security badge?

Dan: (Eyes lighting up, voice taking on strangely gleefull tone) No... but do you really think they'll give me on?! Seriously?!

Security Guard: Um, let me call someone upstairs. Please maintain your composure.

Can you imagine what happened today when they told me during orientation that I get a Corporate Amex, A Blackberry and Business Cards? If I wore underwear, I most likely would have needed to change it at some point.


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