July 18, 2005

Weekend Recap: Banging My Head Against All Sorts of Walls Edition

It's been a busy few days.
And by busy, I mean I 've spent them:
A) Bashing my head against my bedroom door and floor due to a
rare and incredibly debilitating medical condition I was lucky enough to develop some 8 years ago.
A* bought me the new Harry Potter for my birthday. I spent all Saturday Morning waiting for the mailman to buzz. When he didn't, I went downstairs and found a little slip in my mailbox saying "You weren't here. Please pick up your Amazon.com package on Monday at the Post Office." A half hour and three slightly frightened mail carriers on the streets of Hell's Kitchen later, I had identified my mailman on his route, berated him for not actually buzzing, retrieved the coveted tome from his bag and headed home. Yes, I have a life. But I like Harry Potter. A Lot. Shut It.
C) Late Saturday afternoon I met Bartender downtown. Hung out with him and his dog for a few hours, went to yet another Non Romantic Dinner, then drinks with the Venezuelans. Again, Shut It.


Blogger Becka said...

So have you started reading the new HP? What do you think of it?

10:09 PM  

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