March 30, 2005


I was informed today at work that I am being transferred to another case. It seems that of the 17 people on my team, 3 of us have been reassigned. Effectively, this means that while the case I was on is ending soon and the future of my teammates is uncertain, I will be staying on indefinitely. Yay!
This information was disseminated yesterday, while I was out of the office. I arrived today to a blinking phonemail light and coworkers circling round my desk.
A meeting was called, at which it was determined that the least eloquent supervisor should explain the shakeup to the team. It was his contention that the decision was made based on work product, which was immediately questioned by my teammates, who pointed out that we work in a computer database, and they didn't see how output could be tracked (I see how it could be done, but then I was reassigned, so I'm brightsiding here). He then launched into a long, rambling and self-contradictory speech about useful teammembers and getting "hired" (I was not "Hired" as far as I know, and my employment is still at will). No one was satisfied with his explanations, and my co-reassignees and I stood there among the others, feeling the bitterness and resentment growing.
I really wish they had excused us for that meeting. To make matters worse, we haven't been moved from the office yet, so we had to endure the angry stares and passive aggressive verbal speculation all day. It's about as comfortable as a burlap thong in there.

P.S. Crazy Homophobic and Now Indignant Bitch: When you exclaimed "It doesn't make sense! Why did these people get reassigned?", I think you were asking the wrong question. Perhaps you ought to take this moment to think that it wasn't so much that we were reassigned for a particular reason, but perhaps you weren't reassigned because, oh, I don't know... You're a Crazy Homophobic Bitch With A Bad Weave?! (Yeah, it's not a wig, it's totally her hair. I mean, she paid for it, so it's hers, right?)


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Good to see CHaNIB get her just desserts. Very tasty.

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