March 24, 2005

And Once Edgar Bergen Showed Up, She Was Talking Up A Storm!

"Before they removed her feeding tube, Teri's parents and lawyer pleaded with her 'Teri, Tell us you want to live. Say it.' In their brief to the Supreme Court, it is claimed that Teri Schiavo responded 'Ahhhhhh Waaaaaaaah', evidencing that she is not, as believed for the last decade, in a persistent vegetative state, but is aware and wants to live." [ ]

Anyone else thinking about Billy Crystal in the The Princess Bride?
"Hey! Hello in there! What you got that's worth living for?"
I'm just surprise they hadn't quoted her as responding "Fooooooooooour Moooooore Yeeeeeears" or "Priiiiiiivatttizzzed Soooocial Secuuuuuuuurity!"
The poor Schindlers. The mad grief of a parent compounded by the utter madness of politics.
It's not really even a life vs. death issue anyways.
Think about it. The poor woman is brain dead. No readings off her mind whatsoever. And she lives in FLORIDA....
Just one more Republican vote in a crucial swing state.


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