March 12, 2005

I Rock Rough and Stuff

On our way out of Therapy, we stopped next to the closed gate at the deli next door so Joe could have a cigarette.
Not moments prior, some guy with a shaved head had taken off his cashmere fur-lined Burberry earmuffs in order to take a call on his cell and hung them on the gate. Then he wandered off.
There are few things in this world as pointlessly extravagent as Burberry earmuffs.
And now they're mine.


Blogger VegasGustan said...

Nice muffs.

Damn, that was a little wrong.

7:41 PM  
Blogger A* said...

Um by the by, we both had a "muff" and I kindly relinqushed them to you. At least you have the technology to post a pic on your blog! :-)

1:05 PM  

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