April 05, 2006

Politics Aside

So here's the thing: I know just how political I've gotten of late. I'm well aware. I look at my archives and see what I was writing about a year ago, and I rarely mention politics. For the most part if was self-obsessed whining about failed relationships and the occasional attempt to recall just what I may have done in a drunken stupor the previous night, but all in all I wasn't as polarizing as I've become.
And it's not that I have gained new opinions or that things have gotten any better or worse (Delay resigns: Better. Everything else going on with the government: Worse.). It's just that work has robbed me of what social life I used to have, and I'm trying to shy away from writing about anything all too personal (though there isn't that much personal going on right now). And the news is all I really am exposed to this day, absorbed through other blogs or
cnn.com during the day (read: when I should be paying attention to the very important meeting I have teleconferenced into and have to summarize for myclient later).
Being grown up has robbed me of the free time I had to obsess about the excruciating minutae that make for decent personal blogging.
I'm looking for things to write about other than politics.
Swear. (I've been sleeping around just to get some good stories for ya'll (in the name of research and pleasing my literally tens of fans...furreal!). So far, nothing great.)
In the meantime:
Senator Bachman can Suck it.
So can Scalia. (But you knew that already, didn't you?)
Feingold, on the other hand,
is pretty ok.
So is the Irish Prime Minister.
Oh yeah: And apparently I'm supposed to care that Katie Couric is moving her perky yet annoying self to a anchor position with CBS. Yeah...Pressing. Indeed. News about news anchors...fascinating! Or...not.


Blogger Cyrus said...

Personally, I think your political side is rather sexy...but I wouldn't mind a "so I woke up confused, naked and without my metro pass.." post here and there.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous bradders0201 said...

Check out Bertie Ahern taking up the gay rights baton from the UK. Good for him. As for fun non-political things to write about, just wait until April 29th when a couple of Brit boys arrive to remind Dan what his liver's for.

4:01 AM  
Blogger MooCow said...

Minnesota's very own wingnut Michelle Bachman joins the illustrious list of "Cranks with a gay family member" (see also: Cheney, Newt) in her case a lesbian sister in law.

7:51 PM  

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