March 27, 2006

In Which Anton Scalia Ruins A Perfectly Pleasant Monday Simply By Existing

I. Hate. Anton. Scalia.
And here's why:
Symptomatic of one-sided Religious Right mouthpieces and head cases, Tony is suffering from a severe case of myopia.
When questioned about his very public displays of his conservative religious beliefs, the honorable (*rolls eyes so far back they actually become detached and swivel around in their sockets*) Justice Scalia, now stay with me here,
made an obscene gesture to reporters and said "It’s none of their business. This is my spiritual life. I shall lead it the way I like.” First of all, Classy. Very Classy. Then again, he has been known to go fishing (at least its safer than hunting) with Dick Cheney, the man who told a Senator to "Fuck Off" on the floor of the Senate. I'm glad these are the guys crusading for values and a moral compass. Up next: Jessica Simpson as Secretary of Education!
Now, I agree with him. Completely. He should be able to worship whomever and however he wants. A person's spiritual life is their private business. And yet, Fat Tony, apparently you think that
who I choose to sleep with or wish to marry doesn't deserve to be my choice and should be punishable by law?
Seriously? Seriously.
Because here's the thing: The last time I had a spirited round of naked fun with the guy I'm seeing behind the closed door of his bedroom, it didn't affect anyone else. It didn't change the country, or change the world (though I did feel the Earth move just the slightest bit... what can I say? The boy is talented.). It most certainly did not affect Justice Scalia's right to practice his religion how he chooses.
But when Scalia rules fom the bench based on his "private" fundamentalist beliefs, it affects the private lives of the rest of us. It affects my ablity to have my private life behind my bedroom door. It affects the ablity of people who don't share his religious beliefs to go through a school day without being subjected to them. By definition, it affects the country and the course of history.
Interesting how Scalia as a public figure determined to establish the boundaries of his private life, while at the same time devoted to controlling the personal existence of millions of citizens who have no effect on him whatsoever.

But then, he's got God on his side.


Blogger A* said...

Is that where God went??

4:01 PM  
Blogger Cyrus said...

Hate. Rick. Santorum. Even. More.

9:30 PM  

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