March 15, 2005

24 Little Hours

Have been seduced by informality of messaging medium into flirting, then suggesting date with Bartender, who had taken so long to return text because "Sorry. I am volunteering at a hospital today."
Apparently I am not only neurotic, but shallow as well. He volunteers on his days off. The last thing I volunteered for was a beer run.
When I suggested drinks tonight, the response was "I would love to, but today is kinda complicated for me, lets take a rain check..."
OK. Confession time. I know he has been kinda seeing someone for the last two months. But last week it was confided in yours truly (right before a 2 hour PG-13 grope fest at the Roxy) that it was ending for certain reasons.
So yeah, I'm chasing someone else's man. But HE contacted me, and initiated said grope fest. Judge not, Bitches.
Now, had he said "I would love to, but it's kinda complicated for me..." I would have backed off immediately, knowing the reason.
In law school we spent hours in class dissecting the way a comma affected a sentence, much less an entire word. It's that word today that is making me confused. Is just today complicated? Is this the easy let down? Was something lost in translation (Yes, he's Latin. Old habits die hard.)?
Oh, and PS: I'm insane.


Blogger ggoddess79 said...

oh my god, i'm almost in the same situation. but yours sounds better.

11:32 PM  

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