December 06, 2004

I Think We're Wasting Our Time, Sitting Here...

Why? It seems an incredible level of Hubris really for every idiot in the country to start one of these, thinking that every other idiot would really be so enthralled with what they had to say that they would, for a few minutes, stop writing in their own blogs and read.
But hey, I've got spare time, and and endless supply of opinions, and not a small amount of decidedly second hand wit.
So here it is - my little corner of the internet (how's the school ditrict here? Is it a good neighborhood? Won't SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?). Someplace where I can metaphorically hide from my evil boss, my asshat coworkers and, if there is a God, my creditors.
I'm not even particularly certain that anyone but me will ever read this. I hope to god my shrink doesn't read blogs, or she's going to find out just how much I lie to her.

And so, you, the few, the proud, the incredibly bored, join me in medias res. There's lots to discuss in short bursts: the aforementioned boss and coworkers, the long distance boyfriend, barely subsistence level existence in Manhattan, Red States, Blue States, Celebrity Nipples, Britney Spears, the eventual meta-blogging of referring to other bloggers (ok, lets get that out of the way: we don't make it through the day without
Toby, Andy, Gawker, Defamer (note to self, must upgrade to blog where links can be displayed as hypertext - look ma! dissatisfied already!)), gay marriage, gay divorce, hangovers, music, sex, drugs, movies, TV, borderline eating disorders, and all the other crap I think/read/write about when I'm supposed to be earning my $35k/year salary with my law degree.

So a little something to whet the appetite (although I honestly think that the appropriate use of the term 'whet' with its correct spelling should keep readers coming back at least once an hour to check for more): What should have been the first post on this blog, had I started it a month ago. It was a simpler time, when we all believed that America was a nice place to live, that the midwest was filled with people who have decent values. We were reeling from the Ashlee Simpson scandal, but we still wanted to believe that everything would be ok.

I wrote it for myself. It escaped. I'm bringing it on home.

The Morning After